Algebra 2

Take home test

Click HERE to access your test
Do not print the test. Fold your paper sheets as we do in class (4 questions per page)
use a different sheet of paper to write an answer column.
The test is due this FRIDAY.
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Spring 2016


Everyone, regardless of your class, is to complete both test. Click HERE to access the tests. It should take you no more than 1 hour each. Please take your time, get familiar with the test format since you will be taking similar test for the rest of the year.

You will sign in as a guest.

Bring questions practice questions 11, 14.18, 19 and 20,  and your solutions to class. The value of this assignment is 50 pts.  if you get all questions correct (remember to be ready to present you findings to the rest of the class).

Enjoy the rest of your S.P.

Precalc B

Ch 9 Test

Almost everyone submit the test on time. Bad news…. we’re having a test tomorrow (Monday) Good news….. most of you did very good.

I’d suggest for you to review the last 5-6 questions of the test