PrEcAl NoTeS

interval notation    8/13/2012                equations    8/17/2012                        distance midpoint  8/20/2012

slope and lines    8/21/2012                    circles and lines  8/22/2012                symmetry & circles  8/23/2012

quadratics 2.1(A)  8/27/2012               2.2 quadratics    8/28/2012                 equations (reteach)   8/29/2012

8-30-2012                                                    3.1 functions/domain 9/10/12             more functions 9/11/2012

domain and range   9/12-13/2012      av rate of change 9/14-18/2012          ch3 quiz online9/20/2012

transformations  9/24/2012                  transformations 29/25/2012              inverses  9/27/2012

inverse(2)9/28/2012                                linear functions 10/02/2012           quadratic fx10/03/2012

word problems 44 10/03/2012             polynomial functions10/08-10/2012      range10/11/2012


ch5basic trig  11/13/2012

triangles applications11/14/2012

triangles applications hw11/15/2012

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