AlGeBrA 2B Spring 2015

inverse: logs and exponents 4/13/2015                     series ari and geo      5/08/2015

properties of logs              4/15/2015                           INFINITE GEO SERIES  5/11/2015

properties of logs (2)      4/16/2015                             hw review series   5/13/2015

quiz review                        4/20/2015                           pascals triangle 5/14/2015

change of base                    4/21/2015                         binomial theorem   5/15/2015

equations-logs                   4/22/2015                         counting principle     5/20/2015

comp interest                      4/23/2015

natural log                           4/24/2015

sequences –intro               4/28/2015

arith and geo sequences 2  4/29/2015

series intro                             5/01/2015


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